Passive Thermal Targets (Thermal sights)

We develop and manufacture customized thermal targets from raw to final product.
Our thermal target solution is in operational use by Israeli defense forces and other European armies.


Passive, no power boresighting, calibration and shooting targets for thermal sights made from a unique
material that has natural thermal contrast – suitable for any weather for outdoor use.
Supplied with or without adhesive backing including repair patches.

Calibration and Zeroing

Standard and custom Calibration and Zeroing
Passive thermal targets.
Long-range thermal calibration and boresighting thermal targets.
Infrared stereo calibration targets.
Multispectral zeroing

No - Tilt targets - new passive thermal targets that don't require tilting backward.


Figures and silhouettes for shooting range.
Half and full man, AK 47 and M16.
Head targets.
‘E’ type targets.
Sleeve thermal targets
Photo and Thermal Realistic targets.
Repair patches for hot and cold zones.
Standard and custom targets.


Tanks, Jeeps, and trucks silhouettes for thermal
and day sights.
All Vehicles can be custom-made up to real 1:1 size
Photo and Thermal realistic vehicles.

Thermal Targets for indoor

The new patented technology of thermal targets for indoor shooting range use.

Distributors are wanted – contact the marketing department for more details.

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